Details are the Design

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This assignment was helpful to me because it allowed me to realize how design can really be found in every little detail. It showed me the importance of observation and how vital it is to incorporate design into every aspect of your life. Even though I may not have gotten the best scores on the games, … Continue reading “Details are the Design”

The Nameless Nest

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This semester I finally got to move into a house of my own and see what being independent is really like. Living on my own (with the exception of my roommates) has been a learning experience. The things that I surround myself with in my house portrays many of the design qualities that parallel my … Continue reading “The Nameless Nest”

Just My Type

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At first, I was laughing to myself at how hard it could be to ‘match’ fonts to one another. I did not understand that the goal of the game was to make the fonts compliment each other, not to find the fonts that were the most similar. Imagine my angst! Then, I moved on to […]


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Challenge82: Create a product description document My rock. The light of my life. The reason I wake up in the morning. All of these things describe my planner. The Lilly Pulitzer 2016-2017 agenda is, to say the least, outstanding. The beautifully detailed floral cover and laminated tabs set this planner above all others. The agenda […]


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Something that has always bothered me is a soccer ball and a football. I think we should officially rename a soccer ball to a “Futbol” here in the USA. Nothing is more frustrating than having a sport named something that honestly doesn’t make sense. I would also rename hockey to “Savagery”. If you know any … Continue reading RENAME SOMETHING NEW

Font size does matter.

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The first game I played was “Type connection”. What I thought was cool about this game was that you pick a font and then try to find one that is “Compatible” for them to date. The first try I ended up getting it right however, it could be extremely difficult. Crazy to think that there … Continue reading Font size does matter.

Professional Portrait

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I believe that everyone has some good in them, whether they know it or not. I am absolutely positive that there is no person on the face of the Earth that doesn’t have some sort of positive force compelling their actions. Not everyone has to understand exactly what said force is, but every single person should […]