Trailer of a Dream

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Link to view the video: For this assignment, I chose to go with a dream styled video from a hike I went on in Colorado this summer. I had quite a bit of footage on my phone from the trip. I cut it together using one of the trailer templates on iMovie. The cheesiness … More Trailer of a Dream

Austin City Limits Documentary

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Link to view the video: A couple of weeks ago my buddies and I went down to Austin, Texas for the famous music festival Austin City Limits. I’m a film minor and really enjoy shooting things here and there. Most of the time when I’m on a trip or doing something cool I document … More Austin City Limits Documentary

Blog Post #6

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Language. One of the things I find most helpful in my studies is the difference between American culture and French culture. I am currently working toward my minor in french. As I progress I try to find ways to associate it with my major in Advertising. What one would find in french journal or magazine … Continue reading “Blog Post #6”

Blog Post #4

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I think traveling is super important for any human being. You gain so much from learning and experiencing another culture. You can also gain responsibility and life lessons with the traveling process alone! I was blessed to be able to travel in both high school and my time in college. The most I have gained and learned … Continue reading “Blog Post #4”

Final Draft for Peyton’s Petting Zoo

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So my first objective for this was to find something that no one else had *hopefully* thought of. Peyton’s Petting Zoo is a cheap and easy way to destress after finals or to just go pet animals. My headline would be “Lions? Tigers? Bears? Not at this petting zoo! But we do have llamas, raccoons […]

Blog #3

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Inspiration. Inspiration is key to everything in society especially image and marketing. Everything is inspired by everything, yet we find a way to make it original. Here is a list of things that inspire me daily: disco, Tina Fey, 80’s movies, 60’s culture, classic art and Jerry Seinfeld, just to name a few. I feel these … Continue reading “Blog #3”

Blog Post #2

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Mad Men. Mad Men is the #1 and only reason I decided to study advertising. I was instantly drawn to the 1960’s style and creativity. What they did in the office during each episode is what I want to do. Jon Hamm’s portrayal of Don Draper has inspired me my whole way through college. I … Continue reading “Blog Post #2”

Blog Post #1

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  Fashion. It is a physical display of thinking outside the box and coming up with something different and out of the ordinary. Each designer strives to make an image for themselves, then keeps that image going for years all the while maintaining their since of originality and making it new each season. I love … Continue reading “Blog Post #1”