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Who loves filling up their gas tank? No one. Who loves getting less than 30 miles per gallon on the highway? No one. What is better than a car that sounds like a lightsaber when it accelerates, and flies through traffic with economically efficient ease? Nothing. However, not just any car will do. This one […]

Just Look Around

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Look up from your computer, look out the window. Smell the iced air, fresh from the vents high above your head. Graze your fingertips over the faux-wood grain that sits below the Mac you are privileged to be using. Look around, see everyone focused in their own little worlds, working on a project that could […]

Renaming Names

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Why isn’t milk called cow water? Why aren’t feathers called bird leaves, or leaves called tree feathers? The names for every object or location or person is such an interesting concept to me. Everyone’s names for things vary depending on where they are in the world. For example, I call shopping carts buggies, because I am […]

Decision Time

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So many options. So many smells. So many Oreos. In this place I stand as if it were a fork in the road. In this place the color green is never seen and the frosting so bossing. My body begs me to grab that precious apple but somehow I cant get my friends to get out of… More Decision Time

Where am I?

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I look around in pure awe. Same feeling, same realization each time I’m here. It’s hectic all around me but some how I’m at ease. Theres buildings, sirens, people, signs, stores, music, lights all around me. I hear the banging of quarters in a cup as a man sits, begging for spare change. Noise all around me. There’s diversity here. Not […]

The Flipper

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Are you sitting at home? Maybe staring at your TV, flipping through channels with your boring TV remote? Wanting to spice up your relaxation with a device that has a less intimidating name than remote? Look no further. All your problems are about to be solved with The Flipper. I want you to just try and be angry and say, “pass […]