Renaming Names

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Why isn’t milk called cow water? Why aren’t feathers called bird leaves, or leaves called tree feathers? The names for every object or location or person is such an interesting concept to me. Everyone’s names for things vary depending on where they are in the world. For example, I call shopping carts buggies, because I am […]

My Sour Patch

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Ever see the Sour Patch commercials? Well, that is my daughter. I usually refer to her as my sour patch kid. Not my sweet angel, daughter, sweetie. No, she gets sour patch. Here’s an example of our day, she’s 6. She wakes up, quietly, usually goes into the kitchen and will make a huge mess. … Continue reading My Sour Patch

The Flipper

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Are you sitting at home? Maybe staring at your TV, flipping through channels with your boring TV remote? Wanting to spice up your relaxation with a device that has a less intimidating name than remote? Look no further. All your problems are about to be solved with The Flipper. I want you to just try and be angry and say, “pass […]


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Something that has always bothered me is a soccer ball and a football. I think we should officially rename a soccer ball to a “Futbol” here in the USA. Nothing is more frustrating than having a sport named something that honestly doesn’t make sense. I would also rename hockey to “Savagery”. If you know any … Continue reading RENAME SOMETHING NEW

My Apartment Needed a Name

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I recently moved into my apartment here in Norman and calling it an apartment is super boring. So, today I am going to rename it because I want it to have some class. My apartment is on the third floor, and it has a very peaceful feel to it. It’s quiet, cozy and anyone that […]