The Grand Finale

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  Here’s the final draft of my summary of learning infographic. I like the colors and design and although there’s a little bit of empty space, I’m happy with the way it turned out! It’s pretty simple to read and what it represents; it’s basically a summary of some of the big things I learned … [Read more…]

Summary of Learning Game Plan

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I plan on designing an infographic for this project. Mostly because I love infographics and HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT THEY’RE CALLED. My eyes have been opened! I will use Adobe Illustrator to design it because it’s my favorite design program but also because I think it’s the best program to create the graphic. Since it’s … [Read more…]

Domain Action Plan

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I do plan on having a website that I display my portfolio with designs on it but I don’t plan on using WordPress to do it. I have spent HOURS trying to get WordPress work in a way that I want so display my portfolio in the way I have imagined but alas, I cannot … [Read more…]

The Grande Finale (Almost)

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One thing I noticed is I definitely seemed more sprite and happy-go-lucky in my first few posts. I would ramble on and throw a couple jokes in, and in my later posts I just get straight to the point. I still showed my personality but just in a more dark, sarcastic humor way. I always … [Read more…]

Brand Storytelling-Final Draft

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  Over this project, I was asked to create a story for a brand and tell that story. I chose to tell the story of Soonerthon for Children’s Hospital Foundation, a foundation created through Children’s Miracle Network. I used film I collected from attending this event and had a voiceover talking about CHF and Soonerthon … [Read more…]

Beginning Video Production

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Well, my original idea is a nice idea but after quickly realizing that I was going to be able to get quotes from famous inspirational female figures like Serena Williams, Misty Copeland and Hillary Clinton so I had to change my overall plan completely. SO, I decided to do a brand story for Children’s Miracle Network, … [Read more…]

Fly Like a Dove

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Dove is a company that makes personal care products like deodorants, shampoos and conditioners, body washes, etc. Dove mainly serves women but also has male products as well. Dove is a unique personal care product company because of their Real Beauty campaigns, they do not try to sell their products, they sell self-esteem. Dove originated in … [Read more…]


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  Batman and Robin for Buick Going along with Buick’s current campaign of the new style of Buick that “you didn’t even know it was a Buick.” I thought a funny storyline could be something along the lines of Batman and Robin looking for the Batmobile but they can’t find it. We see them frantically … [Read more…]