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There is only one place  I truly love being during the week, and that’s my room. I specified it to during the week because I like experiencing new places but school and work make me stay in one place. So while I’m forced to stay in once place I love being in my zen(my room). […]

My place in the world: September 1, 2016- 3:59 PM

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  As I sit here looking around my surroundings, I can’t help but gaze outside and see the large bright mural that contrasts perfectly against the grey clouds that house the humidity awaiting me outside. The bright light outside is alluring compared to the dim, ambience that fills the coffee shop’s decorated walls. The decor … Continue reading “My place in the world: September 1, 2016- 3:59 PM”

The Room I’m In

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Hustle. Energy. Hurried Steps. Loud Noise. Pizza. I sit in a room of creativity-inducing walls with mismatched hues of red and blue listening to students clamor over one another with excited voices. The smell of pizza is rampant along with the sound of printers clicking away as they shift paper trays, the overworked ink cartridge … Continue reading The Room I’m In

Where am I?

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I look around in pure awe. Same feeling, same realization each time I’m here. It’s hectic all around me but some how I’m at ease. Theres buildings, sirens, people, signs, stores, music, lights all around me. I hear the banging of quarters in a cup as a man sits, begging for spare change. Noise all around me. There’s diversity here. Not […]

Copywriting #1

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Challenge55 Describe your Environment  The room to my left is supposed to be soundproof, but I can still distinctly hear the sound of the table saw lacerating a piece of plywood. The wooden trinkets at my desk are a proud display of the many creations possible at my place of employment. The air is filled […]