For the Adventure Seeker (Part 3)

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And it’s finally done!! As always, the JPEG images have weird coloring but in the PDF files that I submitted I absolutely LOVE how these ended up turning out! I only had peer reviews from two other students instead of three but I really took what they said and tried to apply it. With the […]

For the Adventure Seeker (Part 2)

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It can only get better from here right? My first draft of my advertisement I had obviously misunderstood the purpose of the assignment. I was missing various key elements (body copy, website link) which was an error on my part and now I can see that my advertisement is slowly (very slowly) coming to life. I like that the […]

Dumb Starbucks

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If you get the name of my post then points for you. If you haven’t then go watch “Nathan For You” right now. You’re Welcome. This challenge was a little bit easier for me than the last probably because it doesn’t have to make much sense. You are literally making up a word just like … Continue reading “Dumb Starbucks”

For the Adventure Seekers

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I sat and stared and rattled my brain while trying to decide which print challenge I was going to do. All of the examples given were incredible and my thought process became “Whatever I decide to do, it won’t be nearly as good as this one.” Then I remembered that I am a mere college student and […]