Social Media Reflection

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I see a very unique value in tools like Facebook and Twitter ad tools where I can quickly determine a market. This is unique because advertising on social media gives you the ability to show it to exactly who you want to see it. Before social media, it was a little bit more complicated than […]

Cuddling with ColourPop

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First, you’ll want to decide on the brand and the website for which you will drive traffic. This site can be anything such as a new product, an event, a sale, or story. Next, write a blog post answering the following: What is the brand and what is the objective? The brand I chose was ColourPop, … [Read more…]

Cool greens & an even cooler social media strategy

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Cool Greens, a locally sourced, Oklahoma-owned, healthy eatery strives to make healthy and sustainable food available to Oklahomans. They recently opened a new location on campus corner expanding their business to the east side Normanites who make significantly less income and are a significantly younger demographic. Twitter is Cool Greens’ best friend in exposure opportunities … Continue reading Cool greens & an even cooler social media strategy

Twitter Ad for

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Brand and Objective: The brand that I will use to drive traffic to a website via Twitter is This website is a place where you can book a hunting trip in southern Oklahoma, and with it hunting being the beginning of archery season for deer, the website will need traffic more than ever. Copy: […]

Twitter Ad Traffic Driving

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Brand and Objective: The brand for this assignment is my personal website of Specifically, I will be aiming at the objective of driving website visits to a particular story about binge watching that is posted on this website. Copy: If you aren’t binge watching, it’s time to catch up. Close the blinds and join … More Twitter Ad Traffic Driving