Debonair Designs

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Brand: Debonair Designs is a play off of my current personal brand I like to call Debonair Dragonfly. In short, the essence of Debonair Designs will be simple, bold and outgoing, while honoring the dragonfly through perspective and creativity. The…

oh you LIKE that?

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What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign? A: The brand is a Defense attorney firm “The defender” located in Norman, OK. The objective of “The defender” brand is to create awareness for teens and college students who may come across trouble and need legal representation. What is the headline of … Continue reading oh you LIKE that?

Throwback Thursday

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I decided to advertise the sports clothing line, Fila on Facebook. The objective of the campaign is to shine a light on a once very popular brand by advertising their “vintage” heritage collection. Currently, stores like “Urban Outfitters” are stocking their locations with clothing lines that were in ten or twenty years ago. Brands like Calvin Klein, Wrangler, and Tommy Hilfiger […]