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It was very challenging for me to find one person that stood out among the rest that was so special to me that they only deserved to be in my montage. I started going through all of my Facebook photos trying to decide who was the most special person to me, when I realized that […]

Talkin’ Bout My Gale

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For this challenge, I decided to make a video montage of my best friend, Christine Gale. In the two years she went to OU before transferring to TCU, we became sorority sisters, roommates and best friends. She is someone who is not afraid to do anything, including transfer to a new school with no friends … [Read more…]

Momma’s Girl

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My mom has been my biggest role model since I can remember. From her fashion sense to her bubbly personality, people just seem to flock to her. Because of this, I naturally decided to make my special person montage about her. Her favorite band is The Beatles and she used to always sing “Here Comes the Sun” […]

This ones for the birthday girl!

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I chose this challenge from the challenge bank because it lined up perfectly for one of the many people who make my life special. Tomorrow, November 3, is my older sister Jordan’s birthday. In honor of her, I chose to make my video about her adventurous and spontaneous life. Jordan is special to me because […]

Captain Chubs

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Within a couple days of meeting me, I will probably show you a picture of my niece. Within a week, you’ll see a video. I’ll probably have you watch it twice to get the full effect. Now, I KNOW that I’m biased, but strangers have stopped us on the street to tell us how cute … Continue reading Captain Chubs