Support Your Local Girl Gang

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Challenge Reflection For this challenge, I was more concerned with finding the best girl band picture to fit with my picture instead of finding my favorite girl band and inserting my picture into theirs because it was pretty difficult to find a solid photoshoot picture that I could insert my limited photo options into. So … [Read more…]

Backstreets Back?

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Here in this one you can really see who the backstreet boys got their career from. The reason I chose this awesome boy band is because of my childhood. Growing up music has changed so much but this reminds me of when I was younger and when things were simpler. Turning on music that is … Continue reading Backstreets Back?

Sixth Harmony?

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During this assignment I was challenged to photoshop myself into a picture of a boy or girl band. I chose Fifth Harmony as my band for this challenge and I am happy with the way it turned out! Once again, the tutorial was my best friend for this challenge and I am proud to say […]

The Boys and Me

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  What?!?! Backstreet Boys and me? Yea, thats right. This was back in 1999 when the boys (yea, I just call them the boys, we’re cool like that) were touring around the country having a blast. I always enjoyed taking crazy pictures with them where I’m doing something random like holding up a water or … Continue reading The Boys and Me

One Direction: A new and progressive boy and girl band

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In this week’s lessons we are focusing on Photoshop. Photoshop is an essential tool for anyone who wants to work in a creative field. In a progressively technological age, Photoshop is the base of most advertisement work. This assignment made me laugh, because it’s so entirely true… most people ask me to use Photoshop just … Continue reading “One Direction: A new and progressive boy and girl band”