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Ahhhh. Taco Bell. My late night weakness. Despite how disgusting its reputation may be, nothing can keep me away from a T-Bell quesadilla when the clock strikes midnight. This quesadilla has the gooiest cheese, the creamiest jalapeño sauce, the crispiest tortilla, and the most delectable “not quite meat” meat. Somewhere in between that formula I fell in love. […]

The Calorie Monster

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So here is the finished product for the Photoshop challenge. To say the least, it was much more challenging than the instagram filter. The toughest part was attempting to match the color behind the photoshopped logo to match the rest of the product. I could not perfect the blend between both colors so there is… More The Calorie Monster

Cookie Calorie Count

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Chips Ahoy. The food of the gods. I have loved these sinful cookies all my life, especially with milk (because duh). Today I used Photoshop to recreated my guilty pleasure based on the format and inspiration of the account @caloriebrands. Let’s keep in mind that my forte is Illustrator, and I am very much a […]