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Who loves filling up their gas tank? No one. Who loves getting less than 30 miles per gallon on the highway? No one. What is better than a car that sounds like a lightsaber when it accelerates, and flies through traffic with economically efficient ease? Nothing. However, not just any car will do. This one […]

Just Look Around

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Look up from your computer, look out the window. Smell the iced air, fresh from the vents high above your head. Graze your fingertips over the faux-wood grain that sits below the Mac you are privileged to be using. Look around, see everyone focused in their own little worlds, working on a project that could […]

Just My Type

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At first, I was laughing to myself at how hard it could be to ‘match’ fonts to one another. I did not understand that the goal of the game was to make the fonts compliment each other, not to find the fonts that were the most similar. Imagine my angst! Then, I moved on to […]