Day by Day Design

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For this assignment, I started out by just looking for design in my everyday environment. What do I see on a daily basis that could be considered design? What first stood out to me was  lighting in the restaurant where I work. How the owner uses the space is important for his overall design. The lights all have a minimal look and are laid out evenly across the space. With the even spacing this helps the design not to become cluttered.

Then I was looking for design elements while I was out walking around campus one day. I was out on the north oval when I spotted the LOVE statue, which caught my attention because we had just been talking about the importance of typography. I thought it was a very modern piece, especially using typography as the dominate design element to get the artist’s point across. I thinks the piece is able to say quite a lot by saying just a little. When people see the word “love,” this brings back memories, thoughts and experiences.  Along with the use of a bold font, this statue also uses bright colors. Color can really decide the overall tone of a piece or design. In this piece the artist used bright blue and red, giving the piece a positive and happy tone. If he had used black and gray for example, this would change the entire meaning of the piece. 

On that same day while walking home from class, I passed by a bike rack. Which when you’re thinking about design, a bike rack definitely wouldn’t be the first thing to cross my mind. I found that the way the metal was shaped in this continuous curved pattern, had a lot of overall balance. The bike rack was made up of symmetrical curves, which adds to the balance of the design. The bike rack also stayed to a consistent rhythm, going up and down with the curving lines.

I thought it was fun to look for elements of design in my everyday life. It was interesting to see that these elements really are in almost everything we see and use on a daily basis.