2 Extra Points Never Hurt Anyone

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Tutorial Time!!! This is a simple tutorial for how to instagram your pictures via Photoshop. Open up Photoshop and select the ‘photo’ option in the original popup, I selected a 4×6 because the photo I picked was landscape style. When you select everything, you should have a blank slate going on, a little something like […]

1, 920 Calories of Joy

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Procrastination is not key. Photoshop has a very funny way of reminding you that you are absolutely clueless to all its glory precisely when you need it most. I’m sure there was an easy way to complete this task, but to my frustration– I tried to figure it out on my own with no tutorials. […]

Boyz 2 Emily

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Well, I have not been this frustrated with a computer since my cheat codes wouldn’t work for The Sims circa 2007. This was incredibly eye opening, more-so to the fact that Photoshop has about a million tools that I’m nearly blind to rather than the fact that I need an immense amount of practice in […]