I wanted to major in Typography… Until I learned that was impossible

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I am a MAJOR typography nerd. I absolutely am enamored with words and how the certain placement, height, curves and serifs (and san serifs) can completely change the way a poster, book, or any design may look or feel. I have three journals full of art, but it’s not beautiful paintings of landscapes or cool … Continue reading “I wanted to major in Typography… Until I learned that was impossible”

“I Ain’t Got No Type”

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The title of this blog is not only referring to the lyrically lacking, yet somehow catchy song  by Rae Sremmurd, but it’s also referring to my neutral opinions related to typography. Yes, there are certain type faces that I prefer over others, but I also know that there is an infinite number of fonts that can be […]

Feeling the Kern

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Shoot the serif I actually really enjoyed this game. Okay not the game itself but I was forced to Google “serif vs sans serif” because even though I see those words all the time, I never knew what they meant! You know that feeling when you didn’t know you didn’t even know about something and then … [Read more…]

Hype The Type

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Sometimes it isn’t all about what you say, but how you say it. And when it comes to typography it’s not all about what you write, but how you write it. I’ve never truly pondered how important typography can be. More often than not, through movie posters and advertisements, I focus on the message instead… More Hype The Type

Fun with Fonts

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I have to say I didn’t know a lot about typography before this assignment.I started off by watching the video on how the Stranger Things opening sequence was made. Which, I think we all binge watched over the summer. Every time the next episode started, I never could skip over the title, mostly because I just thought it was really cool. But after watching the video of how it was created, I realized how important the title was for the show. Their use of typography was able to almost set up the whole tone for the show. It matched the nostalgic feeling and vintage style the show had.  

After watching a few videos and looking a bit more into how important typography can be, I played a few of the games. I started with Who Shot the Serif, which was actually pretty fun. I ran out of time pretty quick and had to start over multiple times. But in the end, this game helped me familiarize with some pretty common fonts and to be able differentiate those fonts.

The next game I played was Kerntype, which I never really realized kerning was a thing. Or that there was a name for adjusting the spacing in between characters. This one was surprisingly a bit more challenging. I thought it would be pretty simple to put spaces between letters, but it definitely took a little bit more thought than that. My first major mistake was on the word “type” getting a 54 out of 100. I put too large of a space between the letters to where the “T” and the “ype” could have been apart of separate words. 

After a few tries, I was finally able to get it down. It was really about the design the letters were making and making sure the spacing was as even as possible.  

The last game I played was Type Connection, it was definitely the most interesting. This was a font dating game, you were trying to match up fonts to find the two that were the most compatible. This one was helpful because I didn’t have a lot of prior knowledge of typography and this explained each of the fonts in great detail.

Overall I think playing the typography games helped a lot with becoming more familiar with different fonts and how they work together in making a design.  

It’s More Than Just a Font

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First of all I just want to note that I didn’t know Typography Games existed, but I can’t say I am not surprised. We live in a world with endless possibilities where Typography Games can teach us all sorts of things about fonts. I chose to play Kern Type, Type War and Type Connection simply […]

Typography, Typefaces, and being typically LOST!

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Who honestly knew there was SO much to learn about typography? I had no idea there were so many different parts, and characteristics to the different typefaces. Though I was a little overwhelmed at first Seth’s video of typography, though the PDF was very helpful in breaking down “the anatomy” as he called of typography. […]

Just My Type

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At first, I was laughing to myself at how hard it could be to ‘match’ fonts to one another. I did not understand that the goal of the game was to make the fonts compliment each other, not to find the fonts that were the most similar. Imagine my angst! Then, I moved on to […]