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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

But it is a fear, indeed.

It may be that we aren’t pretty enough, funny enough or talented enough.

It may be that we don’t give as we should, care as our mother’s did, or react as other around us do.

It may be we fear a lack of power, or order, or voice.

It may be that we just don’t know why we feel the way we do.

But rarely do we fear that we won’t try.

We may fear the possibility of falling and the inability to stand back up.

But never our ability to try.

Because we all try.

And that’s just enough for adequacy, self-assurance and love.

It’s all we need to be of insurmountable value.


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The horror of empathy is this:

The more you look, the more pain you see… and happiness you feel

The more you listen, the more cries you catch… the more laughs that echo

The more you touch, the more scars you reveal… and more love to unveil

The harder you love the more you hurt

the more you smile

the more you miss

the more you wish

the more you give

the more you understand

the more you mourn

the more you try

The horror of empathy is

More Us

More You

And more We.