Final Blog Post

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For my last post, I have been reflecting on my experience in this course over the past semester. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to learn about the various Adobe programs. I have definitely grown in experience, knowledge, and practice from the various things that I have learned from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator … Continue reading “Final Blog Post”

Reflection Over My Campaign

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First, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Adobe InDesign. I have found it more practical in certain aspects and with different uses compared to Illustrator. Practicing with InDesign has been easier for me to learn than Illustrator. For this campaign project, I found that my weaker points were trying to fully convey creative thoughts and how … Continue reading “Reflection Over My Campaign”

A Logo in the Making

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In order to revamp the Carmel Hotel logo, I thoroughly enjoyed my time trolling through Pinterest and getting to explore hotel logo designs and color schemes. Although I find myself struggling with Adobe Illustrator, my rough draft will need to be highly improved. There was a common theme within the Pinterest research that had logos … Continue reading “A Logo in the Making”

Design Blitz

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Color This message that was published in Ad Age’s monthly newsletter. It does not follow the typical color rules nor does it fit the warm or cool color definition. This print magazine cover symbolizes a simple yet traditional color wheel. It can also be compared to social media memes that are used with the same … Continue reading “Design Blitz”


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Typography Games For this blog post, I played a variety of font games that helped me become more educated about typography! Game 1: Shoot the Serif Identify the serif and the sans serif fonts This was a very helpful game where you picked with letter used a serif font. It made you think fast and … Continue reading “Typography”