Last One, Best One

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Here we are, the finish line. So close to the end of the semester, I can taste it. Since you’re reading this, you must know that I’ve successfully finished the course and here’s what I have to say about it: It rocked. It challenged me. It taught me. It showed me my flaws. But most …

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Print Campaign Reflection

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Hiya pals, me again. Let me tell you, this unit was an experience. While I have absolutely loved getting more acquainted with InDesign, I have also worked on my copywriting skills and design techniques. I wouldn’t say I’m a designer, or too creative, or even capable of sketching, but I do think my skills have …

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Better than Tinder…?

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My date with Illustrator went better than I envisioned. I have a very brief history with InDesign, none with Photoshop, and this is my first try with Illustrator. Yes, going into these tutorials I was nervous, exhausted, and less than excited. However, after the first couple of videos, I felt my confidence grow as I …

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Color Scheme

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For this challenge, I watched the video about the thought process behind choosing a color scheme, based on the business, product advertised, etc. I came up with a very similar palette as the instructor, seeing that it is in fact an Italian restaurant, so the red and green represented the culture, while the red also …

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Design Blitz

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Balance: This flier for a home for sale in Owasso, Oklahoma is extremely busy. The top two sections utilize the space decently, however the bottom logos for the realtors are poorly placed and, frankly, poorly designed. It’s nearly painful to look at because of the placement issues. Metaphor/Symbols: This is a logo for Beggs Pharmacy …

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Typography Games

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Game one: Type War This game definitely tested my attention to detail when it came down to fonts with extreme similarities. Even without studying each letter, I surprised myself at how much I knew from my many years of vigilant typing. I played up to Level 4 when I then realized that I was certainly …

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