Logo Rough Draft

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Ad Copy and Layout

Original Hotel New York Logo

Disney’s Hotel New York logo I chose to redesign because it doesn’t have any signature Disney branding that I think it needs. Its intent was to follow the Art Deco design of the building that this mark represents in Paris. The building has the feeling of old-time New York, which I think this logo does a relatively good job of evoking.

Very simply, I wanted to bring out more Disney and more Art Deco.

Here’s my first attempt:

Disney’s Hotel New York logo redesign

Without yet adding color, I’ve created a mark that combines the New York skyline of the first logo and Walt Disney Word’s outline into a foreground using only a carved-out Mickey Mouse background to bring even more of the iconic Disney into play. The font is intended to merge the Art Deco style and a more modern, minimalist design. I wanted a more whimsical “Disney” font that also resembles Art Deco without using the true Disney mark — below:

I think of done a fair job of doing what I wanted to do. When I add color in the second draft, I want to meet the two eras again. I don’t yet have a tactic, so I think trial and error will be my best course of action.