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If you’re a millennial, you likely grew up with a mom or grandmother who never missed an episode of The View. If this wasn’t your story, it’s possible you’ve seen reruns of morning talk shows playing in your dentist’s office.  Talk shows were an icon of a different generation, but now they seem to be falling to the wayside. Or maybe, they’re shifting to a different medium.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular among 20 and 30 year olds with topics ranging from self-care to religion to science. Whatever niche you’re interested in, we guarantee there’s a podcast for that. The form of podcasts is very similar to the way talk shows are set up. The hosts engage in a friendly chat about their recent experiences, opinions, etc. and often they bring guests onto the show to join in on the conversation. There’s often even commercial breaks during the podcast – that’s where advertising comes in.

Taking advantage of this rising medium will be a game changer for future advertisers. Podcast advertising is a simple way to reach a large audience who are already interested in your area of expertise. This field will only continue to grow in the coming years, so don’t just cast podcasts aside as a trend for the youngsters.

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