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Ad Copy and Layout

Final Book

<blockquote class=”embedly-card”><h4><a href=”">Ben Capshaw — Student Portfolio</a></h4><p>Ad Copy and Layout (Fall 2017)</p></blockquote>
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  1. The course format was great. It moved from the basics to more advanced work very quickly, yet it did not seem too fast-paced.
  2. Journaling the work helped with understanding why what was being made mattered, and how the strategy behind the work made sense. Although it’s assumed these things would be standard, it’s good to affirm that’s the case.
  3. Learning new technologies was not necessarily the case for me in this course. What I knew was strengthened, though. It helped me remember a few basics I had forgotten, making what I thought I knew far better.
  4. I feel I grow with every project. The class helped me know this is my passion, though. When I would ask other creatives for critiques they would say, “since it’s just for Copy and Layout it’s fine.” This really angered me. I felt that I tried my best on all of the projects I completed, even with a very busy semester. I grew in fervor, overall.