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Here we are, the finish line. So close to the end of the semester, I can taste it.

Since you’re reading this, you must know that I’ve successfully finished the course and here’s what I have to say about it:

It rocked. It challenged me. It taught me. It showed me my flaws. But most of all? It showed me what I’m good at.

And sometimes that means I’m not a rockstar at copy and layout. I’m not some wizard on InDesign, I’m not the queen of all things graphic design. But figuring out the basics was pretty neat.

For our final, we created a hard copy portfolio. I chose 5 pieces of my work, one from the class and the rest from other classes. I created my own logo and color scheme then put it all together.

After I got it bound and turned it in, I felt not only relief for having the class over, but pride because I’ve never created a hard copy of all my work. It’s nice to see my best stuff all in one place.

Now for the rest of the class. I loved being able to journal, and for it to be so conversational. Nothing too formal, just me and my Mac workin’ from home.

I also really enjoyed getting to learn the Adobe programs a little more in depth (I’m no longer a newbie), but I know that I definitely still have a lot more learning to do.

The course was great because it was pretty self-paced. We had the entire week to work on each unit and our prof was extremely responsive. I like when someone’s honest about my work needing improvement.

I feel like all of the skills I acquired in this class are things that I’ll actually use post graduation. That’s not always the case (i.e. my sociology of aging class) in every course. I have a lot of growing to do, and I hope that my future employer will see my potential.

Thanks for everything.

*Don’t You Forget About Me plays in background*

*Fist is in the air as I walk away*