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This is a transitional time in my life.

I’ve been doing some soul searching, listening to loads of podcasts, delving into my yoga practice, and taking a good, hard look at what it is I want out of life.

I’m also experiencing major life changes – moving to the city, graduating college, getting married. And while things seem to be going well, I’m also continually battling my anxiety, anger and lack of boundary-setting ability.

My pockets are pretty empty these days due to moving expenses, but I’m hoping to regulate my finances in the near future. I’ve been reading about manifestation and lunar abundance, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for.

I feel more and more connected to the earth and my body. My health hasn’t been great, partly because of diet and immune system issues. But I feel I am growing. I feel like I am a piece of something greater. God seems to be there, but as a vague apparition in my mind.

I can feel my relationships with others shifting – maybe that’s just eclipse season talking. My tolerance for less than I deserve is dropping by the day. I’m gaining a better sense of my own desires, but as I do, I feel more tests come my way. It’s a constant battle to embody love, stand up for myself, and serve others without stroking my own ego.

I want to start this blog to discuss topics of health, wellness and ways to just be more human. My intention is to really start living my life instead of just surviving – to experience joy and fullness and wholeness. I am refining my craft and taking time for the lovely things. Join me.