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By the end of the semester the work load in all of my classes seem to sky rocket all at once. In this course when our final project was assigned, I didn’t start on it right away. In my head I had a had more than enough time to get it done. As finals got closer and closer and my schedule got tighter and tighter I would push my project farther and farther down my to do list. I then started to specifically set aside time for each of my classes and I would continuously get frustrated that my one hour a day of working on my Summary of Learning project was not creating any progress on it. It wasn’t until I sat down one night, didn’t time myself, wasn’t thinking about other classes and allowed myself to work on my project using trial and error that I finally started to get my project to where I wanted it to be.

I remembered during this one of the very first things we learned in this class which was about the creative process. notthecreativeprocess

And it reminded me that even though this class did not have the structure of a normal class- I didn’t have to take notes, or study, or write essays, it still required the same dedication. I learned that for me, the creative process takes time and can’t necessarily be scheduled. I also look at this graphic that was presented to us at the beginning of the semester with a completely different perspective. In between the start and the finish comes trial and a lot of error, patience, persistence, willingness to learn and creativity. I also found a very relevant and interesting article on the creative process.

The story that I wrote attempted to summarize what I learned throughout the semester. It took me a while to put words to it because a lot of what trying to do was putting words to the tangled mess that is the creative process.

The Medium that I chose for my project was a children’s book. I started on and thought I would find my story that way. I started to look through the pictures that they provided to go along with stories.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.27.07 PM.png

But I kept finding pictures from illustrators that already had a story. Because I wanted to tell my story in a way that pre set pictures couldn’t tell, I decided that I would attempt to create my own images and create the book using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

While I began to start from scratch, but still wanted to keep my platform as a children’s book I began to search for online children’s online to remind myself of the tone and layout that they have. I began to read stories and look at pictures and I eventually was able to find the style I was going for.


I was able to tell the story of what I have learned throughout the semester. And a lot of what I learned was consistent with the process that got me to complete my book. Creativity takes patience, confidence and balance.