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Well folks it all comes down to this… the final bout… It ‘s Time for the Main Event! The summary of learning project, where everything we have learned and executed through the semester all came together! 

To start it off I want to take it all the back to the beginning, back when I was just a foolish ad student with dreams of trying his shot at creativity. When I first signed up for this class I was eager to get started learning the different outlets creatives use to make ads. I have always been very interested in art and have had somewhat of a talent for it, which is why I had aspired to be a creative; it was what initially first got me interested in advertising. 

As the semester quickened pace, we learned to utilize all the tools that InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop has to offer! I found the class laid-back but well composed, allowing for creativity to flow freely. The first project, a print ad poster that we all worked through in class, got me really excited to learn. I even went home and downloaded all three different programs to play with and practice in my free time.  The semester progressed and we learned the other programs. Although I did struggle here and there, I was able to work through every problem with minimal help.
It all came together with the summary of learning project. I used everything that I had learned in order to execute a website/travel blog design. I hope to one day travel and more specifically hike all three of the triple crown hikes in the united states, equaling over 6,000 miles trekked. I think it turned out really well and I was able to put everything I wanted into it. I hope to one day make this site fully functional.
On top of all the obvious things I learned in this class, I also learned a lot about myself. I learned to walk the fine line of taking an idea and working the hell out of it from many different angles to make it work, or when to completely scrap an idea and start fresh with something totally different; something that will stick with me and help me for many years to come. I hope to continue down a creative path and am excited to see where it takes me.