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  Uh wow. This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I was excited to…

Who The Kiss Are You?

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 This assignment instructed me to make an E P I C movie poster!!! I don’t know that I would describe this one as “epic” per se…….But this is a made up movie from, you guessed it, How I Met Your Mother. I came up with idea for this one because I like the “romantic” feel of weddings (also call me sentimental, but my sister is getting married this week). I like how it doesn’t give much away but It captures your attention. It forces the viewer to seek out more information. I purposely made the

Sincerest Apologies If This Design Hurts Your Heart

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For this assignment, we had to create a book cover. I decided to do Heart of Darkness because I remember reading it in high school and really enjoying it. Joseph Conrad explores very interesting ideas about evil, madness and human nature, and I wanted to try and convey that successfully through my cover design. The …

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Suit Up!

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For this assignment, we learned all about text wrap (as well as Barney Stinson’s love for suits). I had a vision of this one when I read the description for the assignment. I started off this assignment doing a similar thing I did in the last. I cut out this lovely picture of Neil Patrick Harris in Photoshop. Then I opened up an Indesign file and typed out these lyrics to “Nothin’ Suits Me Like A Suit” (a classic) and formatted them into this cute typewriter font. I justified the text and


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For my second challenge working with InDesign, I choose to redesign the dust jacket of my favorite book of all time “The Color Purple”. Just so you know, the book is way better then the movie. When deciding on which… Continue Reading →


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For today’s episode of “What will Wyatt do for class?,” I cut away the background of a stock photo of a woman I found on the internet and practiced text-wrapping.  I got inspiration for a website for Women’s Rights called #Determined Here is a link to their website #DETERMINED the Picture I compiled contained a …

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