Flipping Amazing Documentary!

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This challenge required a 30-second documentary of anything I could think of. The key is to show, don’t tell. I decided to do a round off back handspring because, well.. honestly, my brain couldn’t think of anything better at the moment. Unlike the past video challenge, I used iMovie instead of Premiere Pro, and I can […]

Shout Out To You, Mom

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For this challenge, I created a video montage of a special person in my life, my mom. My mom has always been my biggest role model throughout my life, so there was no hesitation in deciding who to choose for this video. My mom has been there through all of my ups and downs in […]

The Menu That Matters

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I decided to give Seven47’s menu a makeover by only adding the appetizer, entree, and drink that matters (a.k.a. the best food and drink in my opinion). The tutorial that helped me the most during this challenge was the Instructor Tutorial. I first made the background black to match their logo and website (I also don’t […]

JoBelle Designs

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Brand: This challenge’s purpose is to assume that my Twitter account is the Twitter account for my newly launch design business. I named my design business JoBelle Designs because “Jo Belle” is my nickname and I believe it flows pretty well. The design business focuses on calligraphy (I’ve actually never tried calligraphy but I’ve always wanted […]

Dr. Tech

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Brand/Objective: The brand that I chose is a cellular and computer repair shop – Dr. Tech. I decided on this type of business because I’ve cracked my iPhone screen plenty of times (believe me, my parents aren’t too happy) and I’ve always had to drive off campus get a new screen. This business is mainly known […]