Wires Are Lame

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This indispensable item are the Powerbeats Wireless Headphones. They are black, wireless in-ear headphones that have a wrap around your…

Tame the Mane

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The scrunchie: a fabric covered plastic hair tie used for controlling long and unruly hair. Scrunchies were wildly popular in the late 1900s and have stuck around till today. Many popular brands such as American Apparel, Topshop and Lululemon manufacture scrunchies. There are many variations of scrunchies in different fabrics, colors and designs. I myself …

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Create a Product Description Document

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The SPF Lip Balm You Didn’t Know You Need This lip balm is called Clinique’s ‘Sun’ Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Advanced Protection Stick. Simply, this product not only protects against sun exposure, it also offers immediate relief of chap lips. Unlike other lip balms, this product can be used all over your face with added benefit … Continue reading Create a Product Description Document