All About Design

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There are many different aspects of design. Today I will be talking about five of the principles of design. Color is maybe one of the most important attributes of design because it is what initially is going to grab someone’s attention. Different colors also render different reactions. Blue is calm, red can be angry or … Continue reading All About Design

Design Fundementals

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Color Typography Metaphors/symbols Minimalism & use of space Form/function/message Balance Rhythm Proportion Dominance Unity These are major concepts in designing, and I am going to show some examples of five of them, and maybe help explain the principles behind them. Proportions I picked this picture, not because it had excellently accurate proportions, but because it […]

Design Blitz

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Coming up with concepts and design can sometimes be challenging. Whenever I am trying to brainstorm design ideas, I always like to clear my mind and try to be as creative as I can be. I have learned that the four basic design principles are proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast. Along with each of these …

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Houston Blitz: Hit & Miss

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Layout and composition are extremely important when it comes to advertising design. Together, they provide order, help observers understand meaning and purpose as well as many other things. Most importantly however, they make designs as aesthetically pleasing as possible using numerous different techniques and concepts. Today, I am going to explore the layout and composition designs …

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