The Game Plan

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For my final summary of learning I decided to design three pieces of a print advertising campaign that will recruit someone to take this course. I decided on this specific medium mostly because I love to design using InDesign and Photoshop. The layout design aspect of this course was very fun for me, and I …

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Easy MEDIUM Hard

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The medium in which I chose to represent my summary of learning is an infographic. The tools that I will utilize will be my computer, previous WordPress posts, the course syllabus, and Ad Copy and Layout knowledge I have learned. First, I will review the course objectives. I will pick 5 of the ones that…Read more Easy MEDIUM Hard

Summary of Learning – Plan of Action

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For my Summary of Learning project, I plan on primarily using InDesign with the help of some Photoshop as my choice of medium. I chose InDesign because I believe it’s one of my biggest strengths, and whenever I use an image in InDesign, I normally have to edit it through Photoshop first. I’m thinking about creating a […]

Summery of Learning Medium

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I am actually getting super excited for this project.  My professor posted all sorts of suggestions of mediums we could use and I found this super awesome site he recommended called I intend on making an infographic video explaining to potential students why they should take this class (and be excited about it).  The …

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