Typography Wars

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Shoot the Serif was a fun game, and I very much enjoyed the reference to a great song.  I did find myself finding the differences between serif and sans serif as time went on. I have always had difficulty doing that!   Type War was fun as well, except I did horribly, and I am … Continue reading Typography Wars


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This was probably one of my favorite assignments because I got to play an actual game to learn more about typography. The three games that I picked were Type War, Kern Type and Type Connection. Font, size and spacing are very important to consider in design. These three games showed me a different approach to …

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Typography Training

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Typography sends a message, keeps people reading and creates harmony within works. Type Connection Type Connection is a creative way to help people understand that all fonts have a unique personality. Tasked with matching fonts with other fonts, it did make me think more in depth about what type of feel each font was made to give off. …

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Today, I learn fonts

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Fonts are fascinating and often overlooked by the everyday viewer.  But.  If you can pause just long enough to smell the daisies, you might see some hidden treasure. Dealing with fonts is an art, to say the least.  To get a foundation for recognizing fonts and knowing the application, I did what any other college […]